The radiant warmer (also called open care system) was developed as an ‘open incubator’ that ensures ready access to the baby. The overhead quartz heating element produces heat which is reflected by the parabolic reflector on to the baby on the bassinet. The quality of heat produced is displayed in the heater output display panel. Temperature selection knobs select the desired skin temperature. Radiant warmers provide an intense source of radiant heat energy. They also reduce the conductive heat losses by providing a warm microenvironment surrounding the baby.


Infant Warmer is a body warming device to provide heat to the body. This device helps to maintain the body temperature of the baby and limit the metabolism rate. Heat has a tendency to flow in the heat gradient direction that is from high temperature to low temperature. The heat loss in some newborn babies is rapid; hence body warmers provide artificial support to keep the body temperature constant. In certain areas with very cold climates, babies are kept on Radiant Warmer for a couple of hours immediately after birth to ensure the baby is stabilized after birth.

Heater unit can be used to produced a limited are of warmth where-

  • Sick and low birth weight newborns can be warmed.
  • given oxygen if needed
  • observed necked


It is used for low birth babies or newborns who are at risk of developing hypothermia or hyperthermia in normal weight babies, because they could not regulate body temperature well enough.

The smaller the baby, the greater the risk.

To keep low birth weight and sick newborn babies warm, babies require extra warmth over a longer period of time.

If the newborn is very small and sick it will need to be cared for in hospital.


It is specially designed to provide a controlled source of warmth to neonates.

The control system uses microprocessor technology and provides manual and serve modes of operations.

Infant warmer creates a consistent warm bed for babies.

It has built in alarms that notifies of critical temperature events and also indicate sensor failure.

It is designed to increase the body temperature of babies who are suffering from cold stress. 


1- Heater unit

The infant warmer heat source is quartz based ceramic heater with parabolic reflectors i.e enclosed in a metallic body with protective grill casing.

The entire heater box assembly swivels so as to allow ease of movement up to 180 Degree without disturbing the baby tray.

The unit has an inbuilt observation lamp.

2- Control unit

The temperature controller unit primarily operates the heater unit to provide controlled warmth and smooth functioning of heater source.

Front panel of control unit comprise of:

  • Display
  • alarms
  • touch keys
  • switches
  • baby sensors
  • DISPLAY- baby, manual, mute, timer, set temp, far
  • ALARMS- overheat, heater fail, sensor fail, power fail, high temp, low temp, battery low.
  • TOUCH KEY- mode, mute, set, far
  • SWITCHES- power on, lamp on
  • SENSORS- It monitors temperature to the skin by means of Thermistor based NTE sensor .

3- Infusion pump stand

This is a C shaped rod that is used to clamp Iv stands, infusion pumps etc.

4- IV stand

Iv saline stand height can be adjusted.

5- Montior tray

Monitor tray is strong, sturdy and is capable of  holding up to 10kg weight.


Baby bassinet is specially designed for age of access for minor procedures during treatment with complete comfort for the infant.

7- Shelf

Strong self is provided for storage and can even be used for under surface phototherapy.


Anti static castor wheels provide smooth transportation facility of infant warmer without much effort from the users.


radiant warmer is operational in two modes_

  1. baby mode
  2. manual mode

Baby mode

in this mode, the warmth required is calculated based on feedback received by the skin sensors attached to the baby. It is the optimal temperature that is compared with measured skin temperature to achieve required warmth.

Manual mode

In this mode, the warmth is calculated purely based on the value set on the heater power bar percentage for 15 minutes after 15 minutes. warmer gives an alarm indication on manual mode LED for 1 minute and then automatically switches to baby mode.


1- connect the unit to the mains. switch it on.

2- Once connected to mains, heater output can be regulated by a knob on the front panel. the output is displayed as % or bars or bulbs

3- select manual mode.

4- select heater output to 100% for sometime ( 20 minutes) to allow quick pre-warming of the bassinet covered with lines.

5- select servo mode.

6- read the temperature on display.

7- select the desired set temperature of the baby as 36.5 degree C.

8- place the baby on the bassinet.

9-connect skin probe to the baby’s abdomen with sticking tape.

10- if the manual mode to be used, select the desired heater output.

11- In manual mode, record the baby’s axillary temperature at 30 minutes and then 2 hours.

12- respond to alarm immediately. identify the fault and rectify it.

13- ensure the baby’s head is covered with a cap and body with clothes unless indicated to keep naked.

14- turn the baby frequently.

15- use of cling wrap. 

Do’s and Don’ts when using Radiant warmers

Do’s and Don’ts when using Radiant warmers


  • switch off the unit , unplug the power cord of the infant warmer and allow the heater to cool before cleaning, maintenance and repair the unit to avoid the possibility of a burn.
  • The radiant warmer should be used only by an appropriately trained person and under the guidance of qualified medical practitioners who know the risk and benefits of the equipment.
  • keep the unit away from any portable or mobile equipment.
  • keep the equipment away from any kind of spillage of water or any other liquid
  • inspect all patients connected tubes or wires before and after moving or titling the bed.
  • ensure that the clinical conditions of the patient are regularly reviewed.
  • an infant warmer cannot distinguish between hypothermia and fever.
  • switch off the unit and mains power before replacing the fuse.


  • use the radiant warmer without a thorough understanding and knowledge of its operations, as it may risk patients as well as the user’s life.
  • use the radiant warmer for more than one patient at a time, may cause serious risk to the patient’s if used for multiple persons at a time.
  • keep flammable agents like ether or alcohol or use the radiant warmer in the presence of flammable anaesthetics, may pose hazardous explosions.
  • touching the protective grill under the heater unit box or the top of the heater assembly during the treatment, could result in serious skin burns.
  • Keeping any item on the top of the heater assembly may prevent adequate ventilation of the heater assembly and result in a fire hazard.
  • keep any objects or electric cables over the bed platform, may block radiant heat and infants will not get the intended warmth.
  • learn on the bassinet or any part of the radiant warmer, may result in the imbalance of the equipment.
  • place anything between the heater and the patient, as it may prevent radiant heat from being effective.


Radiant warmer must ideally be kept in a well ventilated air conditioned room where the ambient temperature remains to study around 26 degree centigrade for optimal operation of the infant warmer.

After switching off the unit, time should be given to allow the heater to cool down.

proper earthing of the unit must be ensured to prevent electrocution of the user.

ensure the power supply is continuous, Earthed, approved for hospital use and complies with the voltage specific on the unit.

ensure all service and maintenance is carried out by qualified personnel only.

The mattress and platform of the bed must be cleaned and covered.


Meditrin Heat warmer with detachable Baby Cradle

  • Warmer with Skin and Manual control panel .
  • Easy movement
  • High performance
  • Low maintenance
  • Rugged construction

NeoKraft Neo 300 Baby Warmer

NeoKraft Neo 300 Baby Warmer

  • Micro processor based servo controlled electronic controller
  • Skin and manual control
  • Two bright digital displays combination of RED and GREEN continues monitoring of baby temp and set temp
  • Set temp easily switchable to C to F
  • Baby tray with high standard mattress, four sides clear acrylic walls with front and both sides collapsible
  • Baby tray tilting facility both head up & head down, clear acrylic base for under surface phototherapy.
  • German make ceramic heater with parabolic reflector to maintain uniform temp across the mattress with swiveling source box easy to take X-ray and the other procedures

ZEAL RHW4001A Radiant Heat Warmer

ZEAL RHW4001A Radiant Heat Warmer

  • Movable unit with attached baby cradle & Drawers
  • Calibration free thermistor based sensors
  • Alarms messages: Sensor Failure, Heating Power Failure, Heater Power Drive Failure, Over/Under Temp., and High/Low Temp.
  • APGAR/Down Timer
  • FR Grade Swiveling overhead heater box with CE marked ceramic heater, reflector and safety grill
  • LED examination lamp for extra illumination during procedure
  • Continuous variable head up/down facility
  • High density mattress with removable, washable, fire retardant cover
  • Facility to attach multiple syringe/infusion pump, monitor shelf and SS multi hook IV stand
  • Facility to incorporate under surface phototherapy


S.S Technomed Tiana NW Infant Radiant Warmer

  • Manual Mode– Facility to convert the warmer from servo mode to non-stop manual mode. The heat is locked at 50 percent in the manual mode to offer the child more security.
  • Heater Assembly– The Heater assembly situated above the middle of the support structure comprises of a radiant heater and reflector with an integrated halogen examination lamp for Infant color evaluation. It is possible to swive the heater to either direction.
  • Baby Bed– The spacious baby bed attached includes simple drop-down glasses for maximum patient access.
  • Castors– The system is equipped with 2 “high-quality castors with front 2 castors brakes.
  • Dimensions(Approx.)
  • Technical Specification                    
  • Height- 1920mm                              
  • Length- 890mm                                
  • Width-  860mm    
  • Electrical Specifications
  • Power Supply    -220V/50Hz
  • Heater Power    -650 Watts
  • Fuse                   –   5 Amp


Hygeia 802 Radiant Warmer With LED Phototherapy

  • Micro processor based servo controlled electronic controller
  • Skin, Air and Manual control with LCD screen
  • Two bright digital displays combination of RED and GREEN continues monitoring of baby temp and set temp, set temp easily switchable to °C to °F
  • Bright backlight LCD screen with full information along with alarm indication massages
  • Source box made with high-quality FRR grade fiber material for extra safety from electric shocks and corrosion.
  • Newly designed oval shape baby tray with four sides collapsible clear acrylic panels, head up & down tilting facility for the baby tray.
  • German make ceramic heater with a parabolic reflector to maintain uniform temp across the mattress with swiveling source box easy to take x-ray and procedures
  • Latest high bright super flux LED top surface phototherapy with digital timer


1.Meditrin Heat warmer with detachable Baby Cradle₹47,013
2.Zeal Medical RHW1101B Radiant Warmer, Fixed Cradle + 3 Drawers₹61,033
3.Zeal Medical RHW1101A Radiant Warmer, Fixed Cradle + 3 Drawers₹57,156
4.Zeal Medical RHW1104A Radiant Warmer, Stand + Trolley₹55,289
5.S.S. Technomed Tiana IRW 1723 Infant Radiant Warmer₹58,126
6.Zeal Medical RHW1104B Radiant Warmer, Stand + Trolley₹57,155
7.NeoKraft Neo 300 Baby Warmer₹65,007
8.Zeal Medical RHW 4001C Radiant Warmer, Fixed cradle + 3 Drawers₹100,524
9.Hygeia 802 Radiant Warmer With LED Phototherapy ₹99,724
10.Medicham MRW-02 Infant Radiant Warmer₹47,936


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What is a Radiant Warmer used for?

Radiant warmers are also known as baby warmers or infant warmers. For newborn babies, a radiant warmer is used to provide warmth to the baby. Radiant warmer devices are used to maintain the body temperature of newborn babies in a hospital. The radiant heat warmer machine consists of a heat source, a tray where the baby is placed, an automated control unit, a body temperature sensor, and a time alarm.

What is the purpose of a Radiant Warmer?

The purpose of a radiant warmer is to maintain the temperature of a newborn baby. In a hospital, an infant warmer machine is used to provide warmth to the baby. A newborn baby needs care and a maintained temperature and a radiant warmer fulfill this purpose.

Why are babies placed under a radiant heat warmer?

Newborn babies are not able to maintain or regulate their temperature. Hence, radiant infant warmers help for the same until the baby regulates or maintains the temperature of their own. Sometimes extreme heat, skin burns, lasting brain damage, or even death can occur as a result of IR radiation’s efficient energy transfer.

Why can’t babies regulate their body temperature?

Babies are unable to adjust to changes in temperature as effectively as adults. Children lose heat about four times faster than adults. Premature and low birth weight newborns have low levels of body fat. Even in hot environments, young bodies may not be equipped to regulate their own temperature.


Radiant warmers are a powerful and efficient source of heat serving to warm the cold- stressed infant acutely and to provide uninterrupted maintenance of body temperature despite a multiplicity of nursing, medical, and surgical procedures required to care for the critically ill premature newborn in today’s intensive care nursery