TMT machine is used in Hospitals, cardiology clinics, and physician practices for monitoring the electrocardiographic data of patients during exercise. Cardiac stress test will be done with TMT machine. PC Based Cardiac workstation combines Resting and Exercise ECG. Equipped with a high torque AC motor and digitally controlled drive system. Heart beat is checked on this machine by walking and running the patient.  It has an interval of three minutes.  In this it will be known how much blockage is there in the veins of the heart.


Stress test is also called treadmill test because it is done without any incision.

The Significance of TMT Test in Detecting and Diagnosing Heart Issues | by Jaipur Heart Centre | Medium

This test checks the condition of the heart under physical stress.

In simple words, when a person walks fast or does exercise, the heart needs to pump more volume of blood. Stress tells how much weight the heart can handle in this condition. If there is any problem in supplying blood to the heart, for example: then there is a problem with the carotid arteries , then it can destroys the process of the heart.

In a stress test, a person is asked to walk on a treadmill. During the same test, the condition is monitored with an electrocardiogram until the heart starts to work faster. When the test is going on, the blood pressure gradually increases and symptoms of fatigue and any kind of chest discomfort are seen. The results of the ECG indicate abnormal conditions such as increased blood pressure, increased pulse and any kind of chest discomfort, indicating reduced blood flow to the heart and plaque can also accumulate in the coronary arteries.


The treadmill is a common piece of equipment in equine research nowadays. The first equine treadmill was built in

1960 in Stockholm, Sweden (Person 1967). with the first studies being focused on metabolic variables (Person Rose and Evans 1987). Later, locomotion variables were also studied on the treadmill (Frederickson et al. 1983).


TMT tests are done to check the ability of the heart to handle pressure.The supply of blood to the heart is also estimated.

This test is done when symptoms related to coronary arteries are seen in a person.

in which the following symptoms appear:

Pain in chest

  • Breathing problems due to increased physical stress
  • Weakness
  • Dizziness
  • Nervousness
  • change sleep habits menu

This test is also done for those who are at risk of CAD. Common dangers caused by CAD  include:

  • chronic hypertension
  • diabetes for a long time
  • obesity
  • drinking
  • stress lifestyle
  • being physically incapacitated


To get the correct results of stress test, some special preparations need to be done like:

  • Stop taking vitamins, herbal and OTC medicines a day before the test.
  • Stop taking anti-hypertensive medicine a day before the test.
  • Avoid eating or drinking anything on the day of the test


Electrodes are placed on the chest of the person who is being tested, as is done in the ECG. In the beginning, it is asked to walk slowly, then the speed is increased.

For low altitude, the treadmill is tilted slightly. After that the patient is asked to breathe in a tube for 2 to 3 minutes. This test takes 7 to 10 minutes. The result obtained from the electrodes is recorded.

Along with heart rate, the speed of blood pressure along with breath is also written. There is a slight danger in taking stress, shortness of breath, increase in blood pressure, increase in heart rate. This test is safe.


  • BP and HR are recorded at timely
  • 12L ECG is recorded
  • BP is recorded every minute
  • Start at a relatively show “warm up” speed then it’s speed and inclination are increased every 3 minutes, according to a preprogrammed protocol.
  • Stopped when the patients achieve target HR, or if he develops chest discomfort, dyspnea, dizziness, or if the ECG shows significant changes.
  • It can also be stopped if the BP increases more or less.
  • Maximum HR= 220- age of patients.


BRUCE protocols

  • multi stage maximal treadmill protocol with 3-minutes periods to allow achievement of steady state workload is increased.

Modified BRUCE protocol

  • 23 minute warmup stage at 1.7 mph 0% grade and 1.7mph and 5% grade.
  • Heart diseases are limited for people above 50 years or older.

Naughton and Weber protocols

  • 12 minute stage with 1 MET increments between stages.
  • Moderate exercise is very suitable for people with endurance.

Modified ACIP protocols

  • For pxs with established CAD
  • Result in linear increase in HR and VO2
  • Modified ACIP- similar aerobic demand, well suited for short or elderly who can not keep up with a walking speed of 3mph.


Normal results-

Normal results include little or no fatigue after the test, and ECG recordings are also normal. It shows that the person does not have coronary artery disease.

Abnormal results-

A positive stress result is also eaten as an abnormal result, In which there is a higher possibility of blockage of the coronary artery which indicates towards coronary artery disease.

If a person had a positive result in the first test and now he is being given therapy for CAD. If the test result is negative after the therapy, it means that the therapy is working properly.


  • Everything necessary for cardiopulmonary resuscitation must be available and regular drills should be performed to ascertain that both personnel and equipment are ready for a cardiac emergency.
  • Room temperature should be between 64 degree F and humidity less 60%.



  •  Widespread availability
  • Simple protocol
  • High workload
  • More specific


  • Imaging post exercise only
  • muscles may be recruited differently.



BPL Dynatrac Neo TMT Machine (Stress ECG)

  • Advanced Dynatrac Neo Software enables accurate recording and analysis of the test. This software in combination with optional HES Algorithm enables Arrhythmia analysis and motion artifact reduction in Stress ECG.
  •  The acquisition unit is available in two options: Dynatrac Neo BT – Bluetooth enabled wireless ECG transmitter & Dynatrac Neo – A USB based ECG acquisition unit that acquires and transfers ECG data to PC through wired interface.
  • Features
  • DYNATRAC Neo: USB-based ECG acquisition unit that acquires and transfers ECG data to PC through wired interface. 
  • DYNATRAC Neo BT: Bluetooth enabled wireless ECG transmitter device that helps portability. 
  • Advanced Windows-based stress test software enables accurate recording and motion artefacts reduction in stress ECG.
  • Treadmill protocols can either be preset or can be programmed by the user. 
  • OPTIONAL: HES® HANNOVER ECG system for analysis and interpretation.


Allengers Gemini TMT Machine (Stress Test System)

  • Gemini Series of stress test systems are designed using state-of-the-art technology and more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of medical equipment. Sturdy, in-house designed treadmill and stable baseline during stress test are highlights of Allengers TMT.
  • Dual working of Acquisition box – Stress ECG & Resting ECG.
  • User-friendly software with-Editable protocols, Online/PDF printing, RR analysis, PVC detection, online Arrhythmia, and many more options.
  • Free Lifetime Online Support & S/W up-gradation.
  • Optional – Automatic NIBP measurement in AM model.
  • Unlimited no of Protocols (Standard and User Defined).
  • The online update allows users to download the latest software from the Allengers server.
  • USB interface which enables the equipment to be used with any desktop/laptop computer.
  • Strong analysis tools with different display types formats.
  • Properly isolated Acquisition box with De-Fib Protection.
  • The “Emergency stop” button is provided to stop treadmill motion in case of emergency.
  • Digitally signed driver with lots of user-editable or defined settings.


Schiller Spandan TMT Machine with Treadmill (Stress Test System)

  • Web Enabled Stress Test System with various inbuilt and optional functions This PC based cardiac workstation combines Resting & Exercise ECG in one unit. 
  • PC based technology. WINDOWS 8/10 software ensure ease of use
  • Digital Signal Acquisition Module eliminates noise & gives distortion free ECG signal
  • Simultaneous acquisition & display of 12 lead Raw ECG during the Resting & Exercise ECG mode
  • Web enabled software allows sending images via email
  • Full disclosure of all 12 leads for beat-by-beat analysis & extended documentation
  • User configured Multiple Report Format for Resting & Exercise ECG
  • The final report includes information on Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Treadmill Speed/Grade, ST Trends relating to stage wise & recovery phase
  • Facility to view, compare & print, Average Complex, ST graphs & tables of all leads for all stages
  • Laser printer provides high quality stage wise printouts on ordinary A4 sized paper saving on cost of consumables
  • Fully interfaced indigenous treadmill


RMS Vega 201 TMT Machine, Stress Test System

  • PC Based Cardiac workstation combines Resting and Exercise ECG
  • Simultaneous acquisition and display of 12 lead raw ECG
  • Standard and user-programmable treadmill protocols
  • Risk predicting Duke Treadmill score
  • Detection of leads off and arrhythmias
  • User configured multiple displays and reports format
  • Heavy-duty Treadmill
  • Upgradable to Automatic NIBP (optional)


Medicaid Cardivision Cardiac Stress Test System, TMT Machine

  • Medicaid offers Cardiac Stress Test System TMT Machine and Wireless Cardiac Stress Test System TMT Machine from India.
  • Being an eminent organization in the industry, They are involved in providing a premium quality range of Wireless Cardiac Stress Test System TMT Machine.
  • Optically isolated amplifier.
  • State-of-the-art Windows-based Stress Test Software.
  • Wide range of comprehensive reports.
  • Online/Offline printing.
  • Post-test review and edit facility.
  • Digital filter for noise distortion-free recording.Crystal clear
  • waveforms with a steady baseline ensured by
  • innovative baseline correction algorithm.
  • Medicaid`s in-house fabricated medical-grade trad mill driven
  • by 3 HP German Technology motor with apprehensive safety features.
  • Easy availability of service and spares.
  • Graphical representation of ST-HR trends.
  • Performs both resting 12 lead ECGs & stress tests on one system.
  • Axis and interval measurements(Resting ECG).
  • Pre-programmed protocols including Bruce, Modified
  • Bruce, Ellestad, Naughton, and user-editable protocols.


RMS Vega 301 Wireless Stress Test System – TMT Machine₹320,544
Universal Medical 3001 (Stress Test System) TMT Machine₹327,667
RMS Vega 201 TMT Machine, Stress Test System₹263,558
Medicaid Cardivision Cardiac Stress Test System, TMT Machine₹249,312
Schiller Spandan TMT Machine with Treadmill (Stress Test System)₹413,145
Allengers Gemini TMT Machine (Stress Test System)₹263,558
BPL Dynatrac Neo TMT Machine (Stress ECG)₹170,000


Which TMT machine best?

Best TMT Machines:-
RMS Vega 301 Wireless Stress Test System – TMT Machine.
Clarity TrueST Stress ECG, TMT Machine.
Universal Medical 3001 (Stress Test System) TMT Machine.
Clarity TrueST- Bluetooth Plus Cardiac Stress Testing System.
Medicaid Cardivision Cardiac Stress Test System, TMT Machine.

How long does TMT test take?

While the exercise stress test itself usually takes around 10 or 15 minutes, part one of the test takes about 30 or 45 minutes total.

How fast does your heart beat during a stress test?

Your target heart rate during a stress test depends on your age. For adults, the maximum predicted heart rate is 220 minus your age. So, if you’re 40 years old, the maximum predicted heart rate is 220 – 40 = 180.

Does treadmill burn fat?

Treadmills are easier on your joints, and they are the preferred running alternative for people with severe overweight conditions. Not only does using a treadmill burn belly fat, but one of the long-term effects of regular treadmill sessions is that visceral fat will go away for good.

Is treadmill good for heart?

Treadmill exercises provide exceptional cardiovascular exercise that can significantly improve heart health.

Is treadmill bad for health?

The treadmill is not bad for your body,”. “The body is bad for the treadmill.” As it turns out, the treadmill isn’t always the culprit of our injuries, whether it’s shin splints or knee pain.

Is TMT positive serious?

Positive test means patients ECG is showing changes of angina (lack of adequate blood supply to heart) after workload. It means patient is suffering from ischemic heart disease.

What is the difference between ECG and TMT test?

Treadmill Test (TMT) is done to find the stress on the heart. On the machine the patient walks and the readings are taken.
Treadmill Test machine from GE Marquette (USA) for stress test of heart.
Electrocardiography (ECG or EKG) is the recording of the electrical activity of the heart over time via skin electrodes.


TMT (Stress Test System) PC Based Cardiac workstation combines Resting and Exercise ECG. Equipped with high torque AC motor and digitally controlled drive system. Simultaneous acquisition and display of 12 lead raw ECG. Standard and user programmable treadmill protocols. TMT Test is also known as Cardiac Stress Test. TMT test is used to examine the Coronary Circulation while the patient is in an idle condition with the same patient exposing to excess pressure or stress. By this test, it will show if there are any abnormal blood flow to the heart muscle tissue.